1,411 QI Facts to Knock You Sideways by John Lloyd, John Mitchison and James Harkin

1,411 QI Facts is yet another book of trivia from the creator of the TV panel game show. As with the previous books, the facts are all Quite Interesting. The rest of the title is just hype, as far as I’m concerned.

The facts aren’t organized in an obvious manner, such as by topic or in alphabetical order of subject. However, each fact is often connected to the previous fact in some way. So a fact about the biggest dam built by beavers is followed by a fact about the Hoover Dam. And there’s a cluster of facts linked by the number two million. One fact even made me laugh out loud!

Once more, there’s no context for the facts. They’re just random bits of trivia – interesting enough in their own way, but unlikely to help you win Mastermind, or even a game of Trivial Pursuit. You can check the source of the facts on the QI website: www.qi.com/1411 Just enter the page number for the fact you’re interested in.

1,411 QI Facts is a good book to dip into if you like trivia.

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