Do Polar Bears Get Lonely? by Mike O’Hare (ed.)

Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?: And 101 Other Intriguing Science Questions

Do Polar Bears Get Lonely? is the third book of questions from ‘The Last Word’ section of the New Scientist magazine. If this book makes you think of any questions you’d like answered, New Scientist has a web page where you can post them: The Last Question online

The questions in Do Polar Bears Get Lonely? were posed and answered by readers of the New Scientist magazine. Some answers come from experts at universities or scientific establishments. Others come from people with an interest in or knowledge of the subject. There’s the usual mix of straightforward and offbeat questions and, as before, most branches of science are covered in the book. You’ll learn whether fish and spiders get thirsty and, if so, how they drink. You’ll also learn whether money can harbour bacteria and viruses, and what is happening when you get pins and needles. There aren’t so many questions posed by children as in the previous books, but those that are asked by children are treated as seriously as those posed by adults.

Do Polar Bears Get Lonely? is another great book to dip into, with interesting facts on every page. You could read it cover-to-cover in one sitting, but you might suffer information overload from that much knowledge in one go.

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