About this site

This blog was created by to share my opinions of books I have read. Not having a decent library within easy reach, most of the books, if not all of them, are ones I currently own. Many of the books won’t be recent releases, but all will be available from Amazon, or any good bookshop.

What you will find here (eventually!)

I have books on a variety of subjects. Fiction is mostly ‘classic’ novels, adventure, historical novels, thrillers and crime, with some science fiction/fantasy and occasional ghost stories. You might find some humour creeping in when I get round to raiding my husband’s P G Wodehouse collection. Non-fiction includes history, natural history (including prehistoric life and evolution), science (astronomy, inventions, medical/disease), and books about travel and exploration before the Second World War.

What you won’t find

I don’t read romance, erotica, graphic novels or manga. I don’t read much horror (I regard Dracula and Frankenstein as classics, not horror). I also don’t often read books on military history, although I will review a few books on the two World Wars. (Ancestors fought in both, so I felt I ought to learn a bit about the wars.) I don’t read books on religion (other than books describing different religions) or spirituality, nor do I read self-help books.

I’ll try to arrange the reviews in a coherent way. Where I have a lot of books by one author and/or about a particular character, I’ll group them together. Where an author has written a number of books about a particular character, I’ll try to review the books in chronological order for that character. So my reviews of the Sharpe novels begin with Sharpe’s Tiger rather than Sharpe’s Gold, the latter being the first to be written. If there is no obvious chronology, as with Agatha Christie’s novels, I’ll try to review them in the order they were written. I will try to keep my reviews spoiler-free, so that readers have the pleasure of finding out what happens for themselves.

About the blog

This blog was constructed on WordPress. Blog hosting is by BlueHost. If you are new to blogging and wish to create your own blog, I recommend The Blog Builders. It’s a website run by Court Tuttle and gives advice on setting up and running a blog. He’s happy for you to email him if you have any problems with your blog. He’s certainly helped me with this blog.

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