Challenge 2016 update

Five months into the year. Five months of optic neuritis (or whatever the problem is). Five months of not being able to use a computer for very long, hence no blogging since February. Thankfully, not five months of being totally unable to read. My ability to read has depended on how much I exert myself. Any kind of exercise, even light housework, affects my eyesight. Fortunately this eases if I rest for at least an hour. My eyesight also improves in the evening. So I have been able to do some reading over the past five months. Maybe not as much as I’d like, but I’m grateful for small mercies.

As for the challenge, I was given two books for my birthday. I appreciated the books, but it hasn’t helped the ‘Not Read’ list. Having said that, I’m down to 68 unread books. This means I should reach my challenge target of between 50 and 60 books left on the ‘Not Read’ list.

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